My hands are sore

I’ve probably knit for 18 hours in the last 48. My hands are pretty sore, but miraculously, my shoulders and back are not.

I went to youtube yesterday, and browsed some of the videos on the yarn harlot, and I found a couple that show how she knits.

The change is amazing!

A little hand stiffness, compared to being in so much pain I have to lay down… Holy smokes!

It’s called “Irish cottage knitting”.

I hope you try it… It really helps!


where to find the clues to Anna Makarovna socks

Main Street, Worthington - 1895
Main Street, Worthington – 1895 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all,

This post is pretty link heavy, but I hope that this helps.

I’ve included quite a few links, but this is where I went to learn how to do Anna Makarovna socks.

Louise Benjamin

Worthington, MN

knitting in public

knitting/sewing purse
knitting/sewing purse (Photo credit: TheChanel)

Hello all,

The last 2 days I’ve spent knitting in meetings again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it, until I kitted out a knitting bag and made sure I brought it with me.

I have a version of the Buxton As seen on TV bag. It slings over my shoulder, and easily holds 2 balls of sock yarn, various needles, hooks and such. It has an area for my asthma inhaler, a sock pattern, and other mischievous additions. It also fits around my waist, and works extremely well for an on-the-go knitting bag.

My problem, is when I screw up a project, ripping out my knitting freaks out those who have watched me knit for 45 minutes or even longer. Their eyes bug out, they squirm a bit, and I have to chuckle a little while I pull out length after length of yarn. They don’t understand the fun of knitting, or the urge to do it well.

I’ve developed my shock-and-awe knitting techniques over the years, which is what I call this part of knitting. I prefer to bring something like socks to meetings because of portability, but I’ve ripped back 20-30 rows of an afghan just as easily as I’ve ripped back a few stitches of sock.

Every time, the reaction is the same. The squirm, sometimes a comment, and the bugged out eyes. Maybe I’m a bit of a masochist, but hey it’s all part of knitting.

The other fun part, especially with the Anna Makarovna version of the socks, is finishing my “sock” and pulling one out from the other in front of them. I admit that pride is one of my character defects, and ego another. I them calmly weave in the ends, but I don’t have the weird hedonist streak of putting them on in front of people. I don’t know why.

As for the toe-up Anna Makarovna Socks, I’m going to rip them back, and work them top down. I have a lop-sided sock, and one pretty one. That won’t do, so I’m going to go back to the familiar, and the relatively easy for this pair. I want a pair of socks, and just for today, this method doesn’t work for me.

I also have to add a Birthday gift or two to my knitting queue. Both my Sister Tina, and my sponsor Tammy have a Birthday coming up in August. I’m thinking that something simple and easy will work. I don’t know what I’m going to make them yet, but I have plenty of yarn to work with.

I also have another prayer shawl or a pair of slippers to do. My Aunt Edith’s favorite color is Lavender, so I want to get one done asap for her.

Well, back to my knitting. I’ve been goofing off quite too long today.


Louise Ann Benjamin

Anna Makarovna goes toes up

Hello all,

I have decided to tackle Anna Makarovna again, this time from the toes up.

Here are a few disclosures.

I have to cast on the socks on two different sets of needles to start. In round 2, I move them, stitch by stitch to one set of circs. Yes, I’m using the magic loop on this pair. I’ve decided that I need to have a way to have better portability for my sock projects. I’m also sick of one needle slipping out, and running away with the neighbor’s dog, while I stare in horror at a double row of knitting raveling in front of my blue eyes.


So, I’m using this: Cat Bordhi demostrates the cast on.

And I love this yarn, in a sport weight that’s discontinued.

I’ll post pics from the Droid as I go.



a lap full of cat and anna makarovna

Both of my Kitties have decided that they are lap cats. One cat, Tom J II, is always either nearby, or on my bed. He has taken over the universe in his mind, and his universe involves snuggling me. I don’t mind, and I love him dearly.

The other cat, Issues, his brother, has decided that I may never touch yarn without his assistance. If by accident, I start a project while he naps, he rectifies the cat fur free zone immediately and leaps into my lap. Sigh, what is he gonna do while I’m in the hospital? I will be knitting you know.

I guess I’m just going to have to show him the socks when I get home.

In the meantime, I’ve already started another pair of Anna Makarovna socks. I love this method of sock knitting, and I will never return to the old way again. It’s much easier than two at a time on circs, and it’s so relaxing that I wound up all my sock yarn and have my knitting bag packed for the hospital already.

I’m thinking that maybe 2012 is the year of socks for me.

I’m knitting them on size 3 dpn’s this time, and I’m using sport weight yarn. I don’t have pictures yet, I’m too busy knitting!