Years of mispent youth

Morning all. it’s a lovely morning so far. Young Master Duke is being the sweetest of puppers. The Hubs is sound asleep, and I have the house blissfully to myself.

This is why I love the wee hours of the day when the fellas are sound asleep. I am not surrounded by noise, let alone.

Yet, this morning, I have Hillary Huber talking into my headset. I’m listening to Friday, by R. A. Heinlein. It’s one of my favorite books. I’m one of those sick buggers that when I adopt an author or a book as my favorite, I can listen or read the book over and over again.

Although, I feel like I am cheating on Irving Finkel. Sighs. I’ve been listening to 2 of his books over the last couple of days. One is on Sumerian Ghosts, and the other is about Noah’s Ark.

Another auther that gives me happy moments is Andy Weir. Okay, I like arseholes, just look at my personal dating history. Arseholes the lot of them. Yet, when the main character is an arsehole, I have to read on repeat.

Many many years of reading has been spent really devouring a book in just this manner. Lawrence Sanders is another author that holy crap keeps me riveted. He writes like I think sometimes. Sadly, several of my favorite authors have long since put down their pen.


On that note, I better get back to mischief and mayhem. Take care my friends. -L


Time for a new hunt

I have quite a few books. Snort. Good morning, hope you are well. We are fine here. We are fed, relaxed, and rested.

After my shower this morning, I’m going to sneak away on a hunt. I have my battle plan, and I am assured of success. There are a few thrift stores in the area, and I’m going to hit the ones in town. They have books, I have books, I need more books.

My hoarde is not sufficient to meet my demands for books. While I may not have recently read all of the books in my treasure, I still need more books. That’s my line of bullshit, and I am sticking to it.

Recently, I stopped my audible subscription. At first, I just put it on a maintenance hold, but decided this month before I would let it renew, I would just cut it out completely. I use scribd more than audible now, and as soon as my kindle unlimited subscription is set to renew, I’m going to let it go away as well.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t still order as many giveaway kindle books as possible, it’s just that I want to use Scribd for everything I can. The cost is cheaper than both audible and kindle unlimited singly. It’s a thing. However, I am also in love with the printed dead tree version.

Since I sit outside so much, I’ve taken to grabbing a book and relaxing in the patio or the backyard. I even set up the tent on rainy days, so that I can have a cigarette or two and my tea with a good book. It’s a calming serene thing. Yes, I end up in a shit ton of pain from sitting, but that’s life isn’t it.

My big tent is big enough for Duke, master of farting in enclosed spaces, my cot,  and my chair. I can also fit a little table in there. It’s my summer she shed. The main drawback, I usually just head inside to go pee.

Electronic books, just aren’t the same. I have a heck of a time seeing the screen in full sun, and the batteries just die on me. I have 2 tablets for my reading pleasure, as well as my cell phone. It’s just not good enough.

That said, I’m hoping to find the goodest of stash enhancements for my library today. Wish me luck. -L

The hunt

How to bookworm in a land of digital books.

Morning all! I’m so happy. I spent the afternoon out in the shade, with lovely breezes, rampaging and pillaging.

One thing about being semi-unplugged, even if only in my yard, is that I can’t spend hundreds of hours with my nose in a screen. It’s just not practical.

Yet, I am above all else, a nerd and a bookworm. That was my first addiction, and I  fell in LOVE…

Yesterday, I made time to hit a thrift store between errands. I was on the hunt. Instead of shooting and killing a wild beast, I was looking for books. I swear, I started the hunt before I left the house. I knew, in the ancient part of my brain, that there was something good in the wild.

I started off turning right at the end of my block. I went to the post office, like a good little muggle, (my owl is off doing better things) and posted the tax payment. I purchased stamps and then my wallet broke. IE, the zipper broke.

I gave up. I said words that would make my yarn blush, and got back into my vehicle. I even said, “I don’t want to go to x-thrift-store-name” today. Screw it. I had some thoughts. Did I want to go to Dollar Store A where I knew that they sold wallets… nope. Dollar Stores B or C? Nope. All were a minimum of 10 miles to 30 miles away. So, I cursed and swore at myself, and drove to the thrift store.

Once inside, my wheelchair had a mind of its own. Okay, my wheelchair took me to the book section, and I was screwed. I even tried, REALLY, to not buy a book. I did, I swear…. I’d just gotten a book in the mail that morning… I promise…. Yeah, right. You know bullsheet when you read it. I sat there looking at the books until I found something, anything, that would make my life complete.

Here’s what I got.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, all in one, paperback (discount on paperbacks!) and The Hound and the Falcom by Judith Tarr. About 1700 pages of goodness between the two, and I’m happy as a clam in mud.

To round out my purchases, I got a ball of unopened crochet cotton thread and the wallet I needed.

I ended up at the park with my books and also finished the rest of my errands. Chuckle, I know, I could have kept going with the theme, but maniacle giggling would wake the husband, and he is sleeping in again. Take care my friends, I will bug you again soon. -L

P.S. I can hear you saying, but weren’t you complaining about finding room for your books under the bed a couple of weeks ago? I was, and that made room for more books. Snort. Hugs again. -L

Welp that sucked

Morning all, yesterday was another snuggle the day away, read a little and sleep for the most of it day. We had a bit of a taste of Elsa’s fury over the last couple of days. When that happens, I get to spend the day in bed. It’s life.

I did accomplish a couple of changes around here. I found a home for some things from the desk area, and got some garbage taken out to the curb. Mostly, though I read books.

The one book had promise. It had a good premise, but threw in a cliff hanger in the last chapter. I loathe it when authors do this. Usually, my reviews on the websites reflect how much I hate this idea, and fantasy/sci-fi is chock full of lazy writers who go above and beyond to do this.

The irony, is that I follow a couple of these people on tiktok. They complain about us just as much as I complain about them. My idea is simple. FINISH THE DRATTED BOOK. Don’t ‘continue the story’ in the next book. This is not ‘good writing’ this is just wrong.

Okay, the rant is over, I’m back to your regularly scheduled post.

Today’s plan is to catch up on the chores I couldn’t do yesterday. Then move on to the next thing on the list. I’m also working on the grocery lists for the month. I am quite adept at robbing peter to pay paul.

Hope you are well. Please be gentle with your heart today. Hugs. -L