Running on ‘E’

Good Morning! Hope you are well. Young Master Duke is stretched out to get some rest. My beloved is watching a show. I’m waiting for the batteries to recharge. I’ve noticed lately that I’m just wore out. Last night was another 3 hours sleep night. I woke up feeling like I’d been in a rock tumbler instead of bed for multiple hours. Though this particular rock tumbler seems to be as massive as the cement mixers that Mythbusters used to blow up.

Maybe it feels like I was inside the particular cement mixer that they sent to orbit. Oh well. I’m waiting for certain joints to pop. I’m not exactly in the financial situation to be able to have a massage therapist, a physical therapist and a back cracker on duty 24/7. Heck, back crackers aren’t covered by my insurance. The last one I saw scared the tar out of me. I’d been in an accident. She told another lady in the same accident that I would be in a wheelchair by age 40. I showed her, it was in my middle 40’s. Snort.

So, how does a chubby old lady recharge her batteries? Let’s begin at the beginning. I have a 1 gallon ziplock bag of medications that help my body keep on. Diabetes meds, 3 of them, are important. Then there are blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills and the supplements to reduce inflammation. There’s the supplements to help my brain keep functioning, and lastly the generic midol. The last one, is about the only thing I take for pain.

Now let’s talk about keeping my brain working. Yes, I take magnesium for that, but I also take coffee, and the occasional energy drink. There are days when it is 2 energy drinks. However, I find that I can think better with the energy drinks. My brain is the only thing I have. The coffee is also medicinal. I’m a homicidal wench without it.

Nicotine, helps with the depression. Whatever chemicals that I haven’t had in my brain naturally is replaced by whatever nicotine does. I’m tempted to switch to just patches at this point. It is cheaper than the method I currently use. Tapering off, while living with a smoker would not be choice or freaking easy.

Now, let’s talk about actual recharging of the batteries, so far, I’ve written about maintenance. I don’t do yoga. The poses in yoga are physically impossible. What I do do is stretches. I use my cane to help keep my shoulders from completely locking. I work on it after the midol has a chance to start easing up the pain. Whatever endorphins are released, along with increased range of motion, are a plus.

I wish I could work, I wish I could walk. I wish I could climb trees and go on hikes through my favorite park again. Not going to happen. Heck, I wish I could drive awhile in order to get from point A to point B. However, wishes don’t recharge my batteries. Also, there are no call centers available for me to work at within 60 miles.

So, other methods. I play online games. I listen to music. Okay Rob Zombie is a thing. So is Clanadonia. I nap. When I can, I take a bath. I watch videos on how to do intricate stitch wizardry. All of these recharge the batteries.

However, the A+++ of all of the techniques I use to recharge? Napping with Young Master Duke. Which is where I’m heading right now. Take care my friends. I have a pupper unit who must be snuggled. I will bug you again soonest. -L


Pain days from hell

Evening, I prefer to pre-write most of my posts, but tonight I’m waiting impatiently for the pain meds to kick in. Last night I couldn’t sleep to save my bacon. So I was up until after 5 in the morning.

I got up just after 11, and not long after 2, I was back in bed for another 6 hours of sleep. It was the pain that woke me. Fibro flares are a bitch, and need to be sucker punched into the middle of the great depression. However, life goes on, and I have to stay busy.

The good news, I didn’t scream when I got out of bed this time. The bad news, I really wanted to do so. Okay, I wanted to scream the house down. But screaming dowsn’t get me to the rest room before the flood waters are released.

Tomorrow, I have to wear the car all day. The Hubble unit needs to be in the big city 60 miles over, and I will be waiting int he beastie for him. Here’s the prep plan so far. I will have the devices charged and ready to go.

I have enough cash, and a little time for his appointments to get myself a couple of good coffees. I will have several stitchery projects with me as well. The place I plan to park will have a rest room available, and I will be able to smoke inside the car.

That said, for the pain. I have a mini pain kit that will be in my go bag. I carry some otc meds, some hot sauce, and some oil. I will also have some hand sanitizer and other goodies. I will have snackage. This isn’t my first rodeo.

However, with today’s pain on top of tomorrow’s I will only have a little bit of reserve. I try to have a prudent reserve in dealing with pain. It’s not quite the spoon theory. It’s a bit more in depth than that. I try to have naps I try to rebuild my reserves. I try to deal.

I storngly suspect that it will be a couple of days of recouperating again. I can”t give up, but there are days when my final reserves are taxed, and I am screwed. Today was one of those days.

I’m going to try to catch an hour or two of a nap. Then I need to get up and try to shower. Hugs, huge squishy ones. -L