Iced coffee drama

Morning all, as the sun is rising, it is a lovely day outside. Young Master Duke and I spent a quiet half an hour out watching the squirrels and their twitchy little tails. Then the bugs found me, and since I hadn’t applied my lemon grass oil yet, I snuck back inside. I just took the last sip of my morning iced coffee, and I chuckled.

Yesterday, this flare and I had a documented discussion. The Hubsy was having the worst of pain days, and I didn’t realize that he had no clue to touch me on the shoulder. He gently nudged me a little to get my attention. I fully admit that when I am wearing my headphones, I can hear little else.

I screamed bloody murder and started crying. I freaked. Looks like another spot has decided to be extra ouchy again. He needed me to see if there was something available at the local Walgreens. Finally, I agreed, after calming a little.

They didn’t have what we were looking for, so I bought a couple of snacks, and moved on with my day. I also grabbed supper at the local fast food place.

Our order was a number 3 and a number 7. No pickles or tomatoes on the 3, make it a meal, large, with onion rings and iced tea. The number 7 needed mustard, tomato, and pickles added, a meal, make it large, with an iced tea.

The order taker was sweet, but slow. It’s okay, everyone starts sometime. I paid, and was given 2 straws. The manager took my money, and such. I thought nothing of it. I waited, and a young one gave me the meals, and I asked where my drinks were. The order taker had put in iced coffee, not iced tea. The problem? Their version has enough sugar in it to choke a horse.

The manager came over, and confirmed my order again, I still had the receipt. I explained that while my blood sugar was low, there was no way I could take those iced coffees, may I please get the large iced teas I wanted?

It wasn’t until I got home, that I realized that they didn’t make us two meals, even though the receipt said I ordered two meals. Sighs. I gave my Shuggie Lump the onion rings, and settled for the snacks and sandwhich. It was okay.

Shortly later, my husband texted me to please pick up his scripts at the pharmacy. I was trying to reply, when he came in asking if I got his message… In tears, I said, I’m trying to reply. I left, grabbed his scripts, and went to a convenience store to pick up an emergency pack of cigarettes, and some chocolate. It was that kind of day.

On returning to the car, I bumped the touchy shoulder. My arm twitched, pain flooded everywhere, and my hand went numb. I cried out a little, but tried to keep it calm. Whimpering, I got the wheelchair loaded back into the car, and headed home.

A rough day was had by all, don’t you know, and I came home. It took a dark chocolate mint kitkat to make up for the crummy day.

I suppose I better get back to work. I need to load and unload the dishwasher, and I want to get my sewing done. Hugs my friends, please be very gentle with yourselves. -L


I have road rage

Morning all, the fellas are asleep, and I’m settled in with a cuppa. Homicidal urges are still there, but you know, it’s a part of life.

According to Google Maps, I wrove 121 miles yesterday, and was in the car for 5 hours and 14 minutes of that driving. I know it was much more than that, because I made more stops than Google thinks I did.

I don’t like having raving lunatics on the road with me, and by the time I pulled back into our own driveway, I was the raving lunatic. Then my beloved Hubble opened his mouth. I believe the words, “Do whatever the f you are going to do.” at a high volume came out of mine. “Don’t take it out on me…” Were his last words to me.

4 stores, while he was at the Hospital, from a wheelchair. I hadn’t eaten except for minor snackage until 4:30 PM. Pain levels were high, and snaity was a runner. I think I yeeted that out the window with the 15th time he shut the heat off in the car on the way to town.

When we got into the house, I went to the desk, grabbed a sketchbook and scribbled for awhile. Then I finished and crawled into bed. Idiot drivers, too many humans, prices higher than a cat’s arse, and homicidal urges put me into bed yet again.

I’m thinking that the next time he needs medical done, I’m packing a full lunch bucket, a thermos of coffee, and my noise canceling headset. I’m also thinking that my favorite parking spot on the North Ramp is a good place to hide.

A special note to the idgit who was going 40 mph in a 70 on the interstate at dusk. The next time you are suicidal, please don’t do it when I’m on the road. I almost had a come to Jesus moment with you in front of your creator. My dog Duke would not have liked that. He was at home alone while you were being a dumb shit.

Stay off the interstate if you are too stoned to drive the speed limit kids. Have a lovely day. Hugs, -L

Pain days from hell

Evening, I prefer to pre-write most of my posts, but tonight I’m waiting impatiently for the pain meds to kick in. Last night I couldn’t sleep to save my bacon. So I was up until after 5 in the morning.

I got up just after 11, and not long after 2, I was back in bed for another 6 hours of sleep. It was the pain that woke me. Fibro flares are a bitch, and need to be sucker punched into the middle of the great depression. However, life goes on, and I have to stay busy.

The good news, I didn’t scream when I got out of bed this time. The bad news, I really wanted to do so. Okay, I wanted to scream the house down. But screaming dowsn’t get me to the rest room before the flood waters are released.

Tomorrow, I have to wear the car all day. The Hubble unit needs to be in the big city 60 miles over, and I will be waiting int he beastie for him. Here’s the prep plan so far. I will have the devices charged and ready to go.

I have enough cash, and a little time for his appointments to get myself a couple of good coffees. I will have several stitchery projects with me as well. The place I plan to park will have a rest room available, and I will be able to smoke inside the car.

That said, for the pain. I have a mini pain kit that will be in my go bag. I carry some otc meds, some hot sauce, and some oil. I will also have some hand sanitizer and other goodies. I will have snackage. This isn’t my first rodeo.

However, with today’s pain on top of tomorrow’s I will only have a little bit of reserve. I try to have a prudent reserve in dealing with pain. It’s not quite the spoon theory. It’s a bit more in depth than that. I try to have naps I try to rebuild my reserves. I try to deal.

I storngly suspect that it will be a couple of days of recouperating again. I can”t give up, but there are days when my final reserves are taxed, and I am screwed. Today was one of those days.

I’m going to try to catch an hour or two of a nap. Then I need to get up and try to shower. Hugs, huge squishy ones. -L