A stew, and a day

Morning all, My beloved is watching a show. Young Master Duke is sleeping off a feast. I am listening to the Warts and All podcast by Suzie Edge.

She has a book out on the deaths of the British Monarchs. Good book, do not read whilst eating anything. Trust me on that.

My beloved mentioned yesterday that he wanted to make a stew. He went to bed, and I got to work. I washed the cutting board, and whatever dishes there were to be had. Afterwards, I cut up some celery, carrots and spuds.

We like a pork loin that comes pre-seasoned and marinated. I make sure to get a couple of them a month as our roast meal. However, my beloved wanted to try it as a stew meat. Holy smokes, it was GOOD.

I didn’t sleep well last night, but got in 9 hours worth. I used the chamber pot rather than run to the bathroom a few times over the night. I was in way too much pain to head across the house.

Of course, this is familiar, and normal. I’m a pain patient. Chronic Pain is life and while I do get a short reprieve, sometimes that reprieve is abysmal. However, life still goes on.

Meanwhile, I’ve been wearing my warm flannel petticoats. It’s cold enough that when I let Young Master Duke outside, I get a blast of icy air. The petticoats, under my favorite flannel dress really help.

Speaking of flannel. It’s time to start sewing a couple more petticoats and flannel dresses. Lord knows that it is beyond cold enough to wear them full time. I might have to add a couple of bolts of fabric to the shopping list again.

That’s about all. The stew was phenomenal. I hope you have a lovely day. Stay comfortable, and snuggle hugs and huggage all. -L


Why don’t I write as much about the knitting?

Morning all. This question hit me like a rock the other day ago. It wasn’t something that one of you sent in, it was one of my own.

I am so much more than a knitter. Yes, when I started this blog back in the dark ages, I did the podcast and all sorts of nonsense. I was out to take over the world.

Over time, I stopped the podcast. Back then, podcasts were not sponsored, unless you were “How Stuff works” from the discovery channel. Yes, the discovery channel used to own that and a bunch of other podcasts.

I would produce almost daily, and talked about books, knitting, other things and recovery. I still do, on a simplified version, the blog itself. It’s much cheaper to just have a blog, and to write than to pay for internet, hosting and all the equipment.

Life is still good, even on pain days. However, this doesn’t address the knitting. Let me put a pin in this, and talk about yesterday.

At 1 in the morning, my beloved sent me text saying he had his pre-surgery Dr’s appointment. I invented some silent swear words. I also dealt with it. I stayed up as long as I could, caught a quick nap, and then took him to the Dr. His appointment was at 2 pm. I’d had a 90 minute nap.

Whilst he was occupied, I snuck into sprally world. I grabbed a cooler to purchase. (I have a hoard of similar items.) I also went to the pharmacy. My insulin needs to be kept cold, and I am always looking to upgrade the system. After the pharmacy, I was intending to get my beloved iced coffee from my favorite little nook.

Sadly, that was not meant to be, and the Husbeasterly unit decided he needed to be picked up. Grr… Iced Coffee!!!!!!! Okay, I went and picked himself up instead, and then headed to kwiktrip.

Okie dokie. Once there, I grabbed bread, milk, and some needful things. Then paid and loaded the car. My beloved was in too much pain, and stayed in the car. I put the cart away, and we went home.

Once there, I unloaded all but one bag, locked the vehicle, and we came in. Breakfast was some hot sandwhiches, chips and milk. I did a grocery order, and then crashed until the groceries were ready for pickup. It was after 5:30 pm by then.

At 7:50pm, I woke up, scrubbed my face, and drove to get the minimal grocery order. It was mostly doggy treats for young Master Duke. I stopped at Walgreens, picked up some things to keep my head pretty, and came home.

On repeat, I unloaded the car, put everything away, and sat at the desk. I had 1 diet sunkist orange, and then basically hit the bed. At 11pm, I crashed until this morning.

I didn’t pick up one stitch at all the whole 24 hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still stitch. I really do. I also post videos on tiktok as tetchedistress1972. However, I don’t have much to write about on the stitching line.

Nowadays, I mostly write about camping, life as a disabled woman, and trying to stay sane in a mad world. Once in awhile, I will write about recovery. Yet at the end of the day yesterday, my energy bar was so depleted, that no magical bean water was going to save me, and I’m sure Iborrowed against today’s adventures.

It’s okay. Life is still good. Besides, I did get a 2 liter diet soda out of the deal. I’m currently conquering that, and will fart copiously later.

Stay crazy my friends. -L


Morning, happy Monday. I’m still trying to figure out if my coffee is going to be used for good or evil today. Let’s see what happens.

There are some tiny perks to being disabled. My “Boss”, Duke, doesn’t care if it is Monday or Thursday. We get along pretty good, and the snuggling perks are worth it. He just likes his kibble and snacks, and to be let out and back in in a timely manner.

My beloved Shuggie Lump is resting, and I certainly don’t blame him one bit. I’ve had to take over some of the chores for him. Since I’m technically more abled than he is, I’m okay with that. However, there are days when he really needs to get a fricking grip.

There are times I’ve taken the garbage bin out to the curb or back in my pajamas and footies in protest of his rank stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but seriously Dude, let me get dressed for the day before you start whinging on and freaking on.

There are reasons I choose Duke as bossman rather than my Husband. Duke whines a lot less.

Today’s chores added to the list are loading and unloading the dishwasher, getting the garbage out, and other simple goodies. Doing this from the chair? Priceless. I get it though, he’s in pain. He can barely move some days.

I try so hard to be pleasant. Though some Mondays, I’d like to tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Hugs my friends, please have a good one. It’s a canned post, I know, but hope I gave you a chuckle. -L