I suppose.

Morning all, Young Master Duke has made the executive decision that he needs to be spoiled today. I’m getting ready to take some morning meds, and my Beloved is out cold.

I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee so far. The brain still needs to be kickstarted. Meanwhile, we are warm, safe and well-fed. Life is good.

We boycotted Black Friday successfully this year. I make it a point to not leave the house the Friday after Thanksgiving. I also make it a point to not spend a dime from Thanksgiving until December 1st. Why?

I’ve watched. The prices are not that great, the quality is not that great, and I just don’t want to spend the time or the effort, let alone the money.

One thing I did do… I went and mini-camped. Meaning, I hit the back yard, and did everything for camping except set up the tent. The temperatures were warm enough that a sweater with a lap blanket were all I needed.

I brought some stitches, I had my headphones fully charged. Duke and I had a blast. The squirrels were a little ticked, because we were in the road. That’s their problem, I suppose.

We had a lovely lazy day.

I’m still stitching, still breathing, and still behaving a little. Take care my friends. -L


More swear words

Morning, I’m still a bit hot over the no camping away from home thingamie. However, I’m looking at the bright side on this. I have to, or there will be many more swear words invented.

So, back to back yard planning. This makes some things simpler. I can set up a semi-permanent camp site. This was already in the plans, because most of my camping was to be done in the back yard anyways. I can set up better for when I honestly get to an away from home campground. I can and will take longer to do my planning, and I can also scrounge a bit more.

What I can’t do is increase the outside temperatures to make overnight camping at my skill levels safer. I do plan on working every day to make it better. I do plan on getting things moved the best I can, and spending more time every day in the yard.

Mother Nature just likes pooping in my cheetos, with the weather. Chuckle. At least I can respect that.

Hope you are well, will check in with photos as I get my gear set up.