Tithing my Time to God


In episode 7, I talked about Tithing my time to God, and  about using an audio Bible to help me grow in my Faith.  I wanted to give you a little more information that would help explain what I mean. I also wanted to give you some links that would help, regardless of your particular faith.

What do I mean again, by “Tithing my Time” to God? Well, since I live on disability, I cannot afford to give much financially to God or the Church. If it were not for my disability check, we would be in deeper financial straits than we already are. So, I decided that a standard Tithe is 10%, I would give 10% of my day to God.

Sometimes, I’ve used working with others developing their own faith as a part of this Tithe. Sometimes, I’ve used Prayer and Meditation time. Included in this time is the time I devote to Praying the Rosary, listening to my Audio Bible, or other faith forming audio books, and working on Prayer Shawls.

Other times, I use my Tithe in working towards helping others. Call it Service work, if you will. While I cannot disclose the exact nature of this service work, I can let you know that it helps me as much as the others I may be helping.

But there are other things I can do. I can dedicate my thoughts, my words, my life and my struggles to God. I’ve truly learned to “Turn it over” and lately, I’ve been doing exactly that in so many areas. I listen and pray the Rosary, while I’m running errands. I can take a five-minute “Prayer Break” or a little “Conscious Contact” time with God.

To be honest, I spend quite a bit of “Prayer Time” in the bathroom. I’m assured with a locked door, that I have a few seconds alone time, that I can give to the Lord, and calm my stressed nerves.

Another way to Tithe your time, is to participate more fully in your Parish or Church. There are Bible study classes in many congregations. Participating in those is a wonderful thing to look forward to each week.

As a Catholic, time spent in “adoration of the blessed Sacrament” is another thing I look forward to. It’s not just the time spent in Mass itself. It’s time spent just sitting in church when there is no active service. I can sit there and cry, sit there and love God, sit there and live one breath at a time, in a safe and Sacred space. I recently heard a Homily that said that churches are God’s Embassies. Once we enter, we are no longer in our communities, but in the Kingdom.  I love that idea.

I’ve learned that “Tithing my Time” isn’t a problem anymore. Dedicating my work to God, focusing my life on the Lord, and Praying is actually a joy in my life. Today, I love spending my time with the Lord. My problem, is those occasions when I forget my Tithe, and then I run into problems in a quick hurry.

Even my computer desk is a part of my Tithe. There is a statue of Mary residing there. It is one that normally sits in the back yard. I brought her in for the winter. When I am stressed, I can glance over, say a quick prayer to God, and my blood stops boiling.

My Tithe is done for the love of God, yes, but my Tithe has a wonderful benefit. I haven’t yelled yet today.

Life is good, and I’m grateful for the blessings I’ve received.

Louise Ann Benjamin

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Dad and I were in town today, and I snuck into Hefner‘s for this beautiful book.  It’s now part of my collection of books I read either Daily or study from.

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