Cellular provider roulette and living

Morning all, hope you are well. My Beloved and I have been working on some things, and I’m needful of a break. Young Master Duke is sleeping on my bed.

I’ve been looking at the products and services we get from our Cellular provider. We are at the Holy Crap stage of life. In trying to reduce our costs, I may have to spend a few on the phone with the billing/customer service gurus. Sighs.

So, I did what any one would do. I looked up comparative products and services for our area. Yep, we are already with the best provider for our needs. I could spend days with spread sheets, price comparisons, and product comparisons. Heck even websites are designed to look at and report these things.

I did some simple mathematics. I looked at what we are paying now, versus what we paid when we had home internet included. It wasn’t that much different. So, I am still going to make the call, and double check to make sure we are saving as much as possible on the services we need and use every month.

Okay, I’m a very spoiled desk princess. I have a couple of devices running, and am listening to music. I know, first world problems eh? My Beloved just popped his head around the corner and asked me to run to the store this morning. Sighs.

I suppose I best get a grocery list made up. I type it in on one device, and sent it over to the next one that I take with me. Alright, we are now on the He is going to pop his head in every five seconds to add to the grocery list phase. I have said, many times that I have to finish this post, but I’m guessing that I better go. He won’t stop adding to the list until I stop, drop everything and do whatever he needs.


I’m remembering the goal I have for this year, to be a better person, and to work on my character assets. Right now, my character defects are telling me to scream at the top of my lungs. But that would accomplish absolutely nothing, and this post won’t get finished.

Hugs my friends, take care. I’ll see you again tomorrow. -L

Just keep trying

Morning all, hope your season is comfortable. Hugs.

Last night I set up the folding table again, and washed more dishes. I know, washing dishes isn’t something to crow about. Yet, for me, this is huge. To be able to handle something that is simple for others gives me peace and serenity.

My husband pulled a stupid last night. Even though I told him I had washed the dishes drying in the dishwasher, he ran it. FFS. I didn’t say a word. Nothing I can do about it.

Why the kerfuffle about washing dishes? Our sink leaks dramatically when the machine is hooked up to it.

I’m going to curl up with a cuppa tea, wash some dishes, and stop putting clean dishes in the washer anymore.

I guess you can’t fix other’s minds. Take care. -L

Our Love language

Morning all, Young Master Duke and my Beloved are behaving this morning. Of course, I am not.

Actually, he is being my emotional support pupper this morning. He’s also keeping the right wheel of my wheelchair warmer than normal.

Last night, I set up the folding table, and washed dishes by hand. Our sink leaks, so I use two wash tubs and move the drying rack to the table. I can sit and watch videos while I clean. Then I wiped down what I could reach in the kitchen.

My Beloved, once I went to bed organized the trash to go to the bins. Where the mini-dungeon is now is where the recycling and the garbage used to go in our kitchen. I set up a staging area in the garage for the recycling and the garbage. He took care of the sorting and bagging for me.

In a few short hours, most of it will make it to the bins, and one of those bins will make it to the curb. I’m going to have to do this before about 4 pm, as the sun runs away around that time.

When I let Duke out this morning, there was another dusting of the white sheet out there. Sighs. Such is life. Soon enough there will be a total bomb blast of white everywhere you look. The shrapnel will cover every molecule, and it will be bright out from the reflection of the street lights.

Meanwhile, Duke and I had our morning snuggle cuddle. With grunts and gurps, we spoke to each other, commiserating over the state of the world as we know it. Before too long, I’m going to crawl into bed and get a good mid-morning nappage with him.

Okay, a snuggle nap, but who’s counting? My Beloved has a different conversation with him. With lots of oogatah boogatah mish mash verbiage. I do the grunts, he does the oogatahs. Between us, we love this silly old dog. I’d like to think he loves us too.

Hugs, gentle squishy ones my friends. -L


Morning all, hope you are well. We are okay. I did it! Woot Woot Woot!

Yesterday when I was really grumpy about being yeeted, I sat in the kitchen for most of the day. I looked at the situation. The most uncomfortable chair in the house resided there. Also was a tiny table, and a couple of other things.

I realized that if I moved some things around, I could work with what was in the kitchen as it was. I haven’t used the wheelchair in the house much, as the kitchen is a huge obstacle. However, from the wheelchair, I was able to move the things around.

The portable dishwasher got moved. It’s on wheels, so I was able to get that taken care of. Our stock of weird foods my husband bought was too much of also got moved. The small table went next to the fridge, and I was able to set up a few things that work for me. There is now room for the wheelchair in the kitchen.

I can cook from the chair, I can do dishes. I can get into the fridge, and I can take care of Duke as well. I even was able to organize and get things done. I’m so happy.

Now, the problem, the Mister of the house loathes change. However, he will at times accept that change is needed to make things work. So, I’m hoping beyond all hope that he will accept that yes, this will work. He actually slept for 8 hours while I was working in the kitchen.

I was able to do some needlework. I was able to get the dishes done. I was able to have my glorious tea. Life was good for an afternoon.

So, we will see how well he accepts the change. I need to get some more work done in the kitchen today. I’m sure that as soon as he needs to rest, I will get it done.

Take care my friends. Hugs and huggage. -L

The kitchen, and a few upgrades.

I’m thinking of offering a solution to my beloved. Good morning. Hope you and yours are well today. Young Master Duke is at my side, having gone out to sing the song of his people.

We of course are in the kitchen, and I have some work to do again today. My beloved is of course, asleep. This morning, I spent thinking about the situation again. Just a second, Young Master Duke wants to go outside. — Sorry about that. He was being very polite.

Back to the situation, every day he sits in the dining room/kitchen area. He has a couple of tables he works on. His things are set up simply, and he watches his shows either on a tablet or his phone. This is a twin to my setup, with the exception that my table is a 1970’s metal behemoth of a desk.

Obsessing about the situation is not healthy for me. Using my brain to focus on what he is doing, what is going on, and then potentially insisting on change will only do one thing. It will make the both of us very unhappy.

He has the symptoms of autism. He has not been diagnosed. However, having been with him for over 20 years.. I know him a little better than most. Change freaks him the f’ out. So, even though I have fantasies of switching our desk areas around, and even though I could convince someone it would be the goodest idea, the BEST! I won’t do anything.

So, the first upgrade, is my attitude. I’m not going to change anything about our living situation, except my attitude. I won’t suggest a thing, except maybe asking him to let me know when he is going to lay down. That way I am not startled senseless.

Okay, maybe he isn’t the only one who hates sudden changes.

However, there is room for more improvement here. Not just my attitude. I grabbed a backpack I own this morning after waking up. I stuffed the most needful things in the dratted thing. After he wakes up, I will head back into the office/dungeon.

Once there, I will further adapt what I do. I have some simple needs that I want to have with me as I work. I will throw them into a rolly bag, and have them ready for when my beloved wants to lay down.

The only thing I can’t do, is change the chair. The chair I use in the kitchen is painful to sit at. My office chair doesn’t fit. Our kitchen is microscopically small with the add-ons we have, so it won’t work. Those addons are what prevent me from using the wheelchair in the kitchen as well.

Believe me, as uncomfortable as my wheelchair is, this chair takes the cake for being awful.

Yet, my Husband is more important to me than things. He’s much more important to me than keeping entertained for a few hours. So, I will just chill out. By the way, I better let you go. I have to grab my meds, (those were the first thing I moved into the kitchen.)

Take care my friends. Hugs, gentle distance ones. -L