May in pictures

Xhinna moved in.
Munkin with the hoard of groceries.
Office pre-move.
Lordy it’s a lot
Holy crap
Mid move
Filing cabinets are moved.
I wish I could have kept the chair there. Sighs.
I am worried 😟
Progress not perfection.
We had to clear the garage out completely it was snowing.
Fighting the desk drawers.
Momma, it is a lot of changes.
Momma, can we get the snow thrower out of here?
Books and shelves moved!
More books.
More books
Needed a blanket day.
The warmest blanket. Of course must sit in my lap. All 90 lbs of him.
Oh crap more books.
Maybe this will work.
Not quite there yet.
He was tired, we did too much.
A present arrived from Florida.
Oh my.
Belly rub time
And I thought it was my chair.
Silly Momma, I need a soft warm place to sleep.
My Dad, heart is breaking 💔
Scott Hahn is one of my favorites
My sister and I are studying the Bible together.
Bible cover I found at good will
Which one would you read to me first?
Not quite done, but closer.
Lots to do yet. Time for supper.

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