Rainy spring morning

Morning all, Duke is outside observing the known universe. I’m just finished with the 2nd cuppa of the morning. It’s a good day so far, and my neck just popped. Sighs… Relief.

Today’s plan is to work on the office again. I’ve got filing cabinets to move. This means that I have to pick up Duke’s blankets, get them washed. The camp bathroom facilities need to be moved, and a table needs to get rearranged.

My sewing tote, which will be going into one of the filing cabinets needs to get shuffled, and I have to make sure that the rugs get out into the rain to be rinsed and dried by the sun. Since this is a garage floor, I better sweep it all down so I can put the rugs back in the next day or two.

Also on the agenda is starting to set up the sewing area. I will turn the shorter filing cabinets into a table, so I can lay out sewing patterns and other things. For the most part, I wish I could climb stairs, because if I could get rid of the wheelchair ramp to the main house, I would have several more feet of room.

I do have hopes of a coffee bar yet. I haven’t done it as I don’t have but 2 outlets. Yes, they are powered enough that I could run a kettle out here. The thing is, I only have 2 outlets. This garage is a glorified wooden tent, to be honest, but a coffee bar would be lovely.

So, I need to get the physical work done. Now, how the heck from the wheelchair can I do this? I have no clue, don’t worry, I do have help. However, the small amounts of time I can physically stand, I can get the work done. Take care my friends. I will update again soonest. -L

P.S. A coffee bar….


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