Maybe I should invest in a leaf blower.

Morning all, hope you and yours are well. I’m listening to a couple of podcasts, and am working in the office cleaning this morning. I love the perk of sweeping the dirt to the side of the driveway.

It would be easier, much easier to run a leaf blower, but I don’t have one, or want one. Snort. Yes, leaves blow in, and dust is normal. However, one quick blow out, and all the crap is outside. Hmm

Meanwhile, Duke is observing the world. As I write this storms are scheduled for the day. I’m a little rusty, but the good news is that the garbage bin goes out on Monday night. I’m so looking forward to have that bin go out. We don’t need every package that items shipped to the house has come in since March of 2020.

Sighs. We’re getting there. Hang on, need a refill of coffee.

Okay, now that my favorite beverage is ready to enlighten the world and save lives, I’m better.

I don’t want to get ugly, it’s unjustified. My character defects have no place in this world.

Meanwhile, I have chores to do. I’ll write more tomorrow. -L


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