Irving Finkel and the electric blanket

Morning all, hope you are well. The wind is blasting through my area. It’s about 39 degrees out, I have the garage door wide open.

Duke is keeping an eye on the neighborhood. I have an Iriving Finkel speech going on the tablet. An electric throw blanket is keeping my legs surprisingly warm. This is a game changer.

I’ve sat out in the garage on below zero days before. Those were days when my Husband was having a meltdown, and he needed space. Okay, to be honest, so did I. However, this simple blanket keeping my legs warm will be a permanent asset to the office.

I make no secret that my recliner has been in the office for a very long time. The office, in this case is a garage. We aren’t going to get decent temperatures for quite awhile yet, and at night it will get in the 30’s for at least a week or two.

I use the recliner on the worst pain days, and on days when I need to sit and just read or stitch. I’m thinking that this throw will come in so damned handy.

What doesn’t change is the fact that I need heat in the winter, and cool in the summer in an uninsulated garage. I need to plan for that. Hopefully, I can get a kit for the big door, and the walls insulated to a point. This will aloow me year round access to my space.

There is more news though. I may have an electric wheelchair coming. It’s still in the living on a prayer stage. However, stores are a pain in the ass, pain is a witch. I really hope that this is an absolute, and a total thing, and not a wish.

Soon, I will update you on the diabetes and other medical. Right now, though, I need to hit the recliner and relax. Take care my friends. Gentle hugs. -L

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