Symced whimpering

Morning all, hope you are well. Thought I would share with you what’s happening right now. Young Master Duke is out on the driveway. My van is blocking some of the wind, but he’s out there talking to the next door neighbor.

The neighbor dog, and Akita or Husky looking critter, is whimpering and barking back. They obviously want to play, but you know, it’s not going to happen.

Both of them are sometimes a nuisance, usually adorable, and driving me out of my tree. It’s a short drop to insanity. I’m trying to teach him to mind his manners of course. However, he is stubborn, snuggly, and the neighborhood is filled with pickers looking to grab finds from the curbside.

It’s curbside cleanup week here. Where those with money pay the city to haul off their crap. I’m not of that bent. I don’t have money to pay the city anything extra. It’s bad enough that they charge an arm and a leg to haul away our recycling and trash.

Meanwhile, Duke and the Akita unit are behaving for the moment. I’ve got more books than brains, and I better get to work. Take care my friends. -L


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