Crafting hoard

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m still working on the crafting hoard.

Here’s the time to do an inventory. I want to get all of my books in one or two bookshelves. I’ve got to also round up my recovery collection and get them in easy access.

Then there are the sewing patterns. I want to get the ones that I will honestly wear together, and pass on the rest. This inventory will go in a file box so that I can actually use it.

Now for sewing tools, I want to get rid of the stuff that is rusty, rusted pins and needles have no good purpose. Yes, I sharpen my needles over and over, but having rusted stock screws things up. Scissors need to be gone through and either sharpened or brought into the main house to be used there.

Now for the knitting, crochet and such. I want to use my favorite knitting needles and crochet hooks. Here’s the rub. Passing on knitting needles is not done lightly. Finding a knitter locally is going to be rough. Most knitters I know are out of state. So, I need to get these donated to goodwill or bible mission. Lastly, some of these things were gifted to me. I need to realistically look at whether or not I will use the item again. If not, it gets donated.

Finally, I need to look at the yarn stash. I need to pair it way down. It currently lives in a large tote and a steamer trunk. I mean a large steamer trunk. The tote I can pass on to another, probably with the yarn included. The trunk though, is one of the few heirlooms I’m keeping. It is sturdy enough, along with my desk to probably survive the apocalypse. Sighs.

Meanwhile, I best get back to work. I realize I didn’t mention purging paring down the embroidery or cross stitch stuff, I’m a little overwhelmed, and am going to have a liedown.

Take care my friends, gentle hugs. -L


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