A few loads gone, the purge continues

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is snoring at my side. My husband just woke up, I think I heard him blow his nose. It’s peaceful.

I’ve been awake all night. Yesterday was a high impact day. I’m definitely out of spoons. However, the work has progressed. I’ve put some things away. I’ve been sorting others, and sadly, have found too many things I’ve gotten second hand that are damaged beyond use or repair.

Yesterday, my friend picked up her stuff. We were temporarily storing some things for her, and she was using my van as a storage vehicle as well. The problem was that holy crap, I can’t get groceries in the van. So, another friend helped me get things sorted and put away that were mine. Then the owner of said stuff came and got hers.

It is a huge blessing to have access to my van again. I can actually pick up a load of groceries if I want to do so. I can go somewhere and not have tons of crap everywhere. There is room for my husband in the van.

That said, I’ve made progress of my own stuff. I didn’t realize the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” is absolute truth. I’m again finding things I have no idea that I own. I’m also trying to figure out what I need, what I want, and what needs to just go. There are 2 treadles that need to get out here, and one bookshelf.

I’ve taken 2 flimsy shelves apart and gotten them to their new purpose. I’ve purged at least 5 totes of things, and between now and Tuesday, I have to get through the next few totes. I found some sewing patterns I’d completely forgotten, and I’m itching to get back to work sewing. I can’t. But the itch is there. I want comfortable outfits to get through the summer.

More work needs to be done. I have a pile of clothing to go through on the repair, repurpose, or pass on decision. It’s important to me to keep reusing what I can. I also want to get some of the cross stitch taken care of. There are a few projects that need finishing by Christmas. To do that, I have to get the office taken care of.

So, I better get back to work. Take care my friends. Yes, on pain days, the goal is to stitch. I’ll get there. Today is a pain day, but I better get to work. Hugs, -L


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