Another cold morning

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m swaddled up in a few shawls, a vest, and sweats. Young Master Duke is outside. My husband is doing his own thing. I’m listening to My Favorite Murder on my phone.

One thing, I don’t wear headphones anymore. I have many many sets, but don’t have to wear them non-stop. Wow. I’m in ears heaven. It’s been almost 20 years since I could just sit and listen to whatever and whenever in this house. Holy crap!

Okay, I’m settled in at the desk. I’m getting ready to start the purge again. I’ve got a few empty boxes that need to go in the recycling. I also want to sort through more crap. I’m calling it crap because it is in the road. It will no longer be crap when it is either put away or sent down the road.

That’s the plan for today. Get the crap out, get the stuff put away, and move along with the day. Take care my friends. Purge the crap where you can. Hugs, -L

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