Morning all, hope you are well. I’ve decided to work on the hoard today. Yes, I am part dragon, I suppose, but my daughters don’t deserve to have to deal with the crap when I am gone someday.

So, to follow along with what I’ve started. I’m not pitching anything that has intrinsic value. I am however starting simple. I’m working on the things that I personally own.

I’m taking inventory of the stashes of knitting, crochet, sewing and other items. These things will be sorted and reduced. For example, I will donate needles and hooks I don’t have use for.

The yarn and fabric stashes are getting purged. The office supplies are going through the same thing. Now for the sewing machines. I don’t need 4 of them. I REALLY don’t need 4 of them. I’m looking to rehome them.

Next, I have other things that need to go. I’ve got to purge the camping equipment. Somethings that I have inherited that have no use, or need to be severely repaired to work. They can go.

So, I’m taking you along onthe journey. As my town charges exhorbitant fees for spring cleanup, they aren’t getting a dime from me. I’m determined that they can f-off. None of it will be disposed of to a landfill.

So, I better get back to work. Take care my friends. Gentle hugs, -L


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