Another lovely spring day

Morning all, hope you are well. Duke is out on the front patio. I’m at my desk, listening to a podcast. My husband is inside doing husbandly things.

So far today Duke has learned that the rabbits have his number. I’m too busy chuckling, to worry. He’s physically okay, despite learning that he can do a backflip on his tie out.

Meanwhile, the purge continues. I’m working on filling the garbage bin as much as possible. Each bag or item thrown means more room for the things I really need. That’s always a perk.

I’m going to start going through the items that I have collected over the years and purge the things that don’t make sense to keep. These things could be going through the knitting gear, and passing along the things I don’t use. It could be the same for sewing and crochet.

My books need an overhaul, and fabric stash needs purging. There are yarns that I will never use, that someone else can stitch with. These are the donate piles. However, first, I need to go through the car, and make sure that the crap in there is in reality what we need to keep.

Sighs. Slowly, ever slowly, it will happen. I don’t want my daughters to have to go through a hoarder’s paradise when I am gone. Meanwhile, I better get back to work. The weather looks to be crummy by the time you read this. I have to be ready for it.

Gentle hugs my friends. Take care. -L


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