Morning all, hope you are well. I’m a little scattered today. I realized that all of my camping gear is scattered throughout all of the tools in the living room. Sighs.

During the garage swap, camping gear got shunted to the living room. Also, several things got left behind on accident, and hopefully, soon those things will be rescued. However, over the next few weeks, I need to prep for the June camp-out. This means that at some point in May, I need to set up my tents, organize my gear, and test some things. I will get it done, I’m just not sure about logistics quite yet.

This first camp-out is recovery related. My friends and I will be camping at a park about 40 minutes from my home. It’s actually closer than the campgrounds that I love. I need to test my cooking gear, clean and store it properly. I also need to go through the kitchen equipment itself, and decide what I will use, and what won’t.

I inherited some gear from friends when they moved. I’m not sure exactly what equipment I have. I do know that there are about 4 totes of things compared to my last trip. Sighs. So, I will start digging through it today. I also want to make sure nothing was damaged in the swap, and check out some tarps that I found in the garage.

So, that’s my plans for the day. I’m also thinking of doing a May camp in South Dakota, my home state. Perhaps include some family time in that camp, as I have some doctoring to do that week. We’ll see what happens.

The camping trips planned are in May, June, July, August, September and October. If the first one in May goes well, and the function in June does, then I will attend more recovery camp-outs in July, August and September. In October, if I make it to 25 years clean, then I will go solo like I did 2 years ago for my 23rd.

If it happens, then I look forward to it. Hugs my friends. I better get back to work. My husband is yelling and cussing because he can’t find something he hasn’t touched in years. Oh well. -L


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