The first day in the new office

Good Morning all, I’m settled into the office. Young Master Duke is with me, and my husband is asleep in bed.

This is the purpose of the office. He can sleep, while I work and smoke. While the office is current’y in tornado mode, I don’t mind. Tim can rest, and I can work. I’m so happy.

It’s going to be cold out here for awhile yet, and that’s fine. Soon it will be horribly hot. I will get the most work done during the early morning I suspect. The garage stays cooler longer.

Now for Young Master Duke’s perks. I have a tie out for him here. Once the mail carrier goes by, I can open the big garage door. Then we can relax. I will probably sit in the recliner and stitch a little.

I do need to get some treats out here for him, and water dish as well. Also needed is a doggy bed. He needs to be comfortable.

That’s about it, I better get other things done here. Have a lovely day my friends. -L

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