Um, holy smokes.

Morning all, I’m writing this post on Friday night, in the new office dungeon. My desk is out here, my gear is mostly out here. I’m a bit overwhelmed.

My friends in the course of 3 hours tonight dismantled the desk, 2 filing cabinets, and moved them through the house to the garage. The thing is, the kept the books in the drawers. Holy Crapoly.

I’m overwhelmed, and grateful. It took so much work over the week, and holy crap. Wow. Just wow. I’m in the garage, and have baby steps towards making this an office. I just… Yeah, it’s happening.

Now for the work only I can do. I need to get the gear setup. I need to clear off my bed, and I need to sort, shift and organize. It will get done. A hugs Thank You to two crazy wonderful women who made this happen. I’ve dreamed about this for a few years now. I never imagined it would get this far.

Once I am ready for the decorating portion of the situation, I will post pictures. Until then, it is a bit of a war zone. Take care my friends. Hugs -L


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