Dragons, friends and books

Morning all, I am curled up in bed, and I have no clue where my laptop is let alone my keyboard or anything else really. Duke is curled up at my feet.

Last night was phase 3 of the office and garage swap. It was chaotic, and there is much more to do. I’m overwhelmed, and just not sure about this.

4 amazing folks stand out during this. R and T1 who are 90 percent of the brawn and 85 percent of the brains of this swap. T2, who showed up with a dragon stuffy at just the right time to cheer me back up. And T3, who is my real life emotional support dragon. T3 helps prevent meltdowns of various nature.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be chaotic with the swap through the weekend. Will have to post from my phone until further notice.

Thank you friends. You wings are true, the wind is gentle, and it is a good day to fly. -L


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