A day with Munkin, the emotional support dragon

Morning all, hope you are well. Today I’m still trying to figure out where I put my pen, let alone where I put my freaking favorite coffee mug. Another canned post therefore.

Today I’ve been out and about with Munkin, a little stuffed dragon a good friend trusted me with. We started out heading to Casey’s General Store, a Convenience store in the Northern Plains states. He wanted the biggest coffee on the planet, but I talked him down to maybe just having sips of my diet Dr Pepper. Letting a baby dragon loose upon the world with a cup of coffee that is larger than he is is not too choice.

We then headed to therapy. Munkin supervised, and made sure to remind me to breathe. This was really important as there were too many folks in the waiting area. It was also really loud. I think Munkin was scared, so he and I cuddled while we waited for my therapist. During therapy, he blew smoke rings while Tonya and I talked. Watching him helped me get through because I really really was craving a smoke.

Then baby dragons must be fed. So Munkin chose Burger King. He says McDonald’s gives him heart burn. So, we shared a whopper and some onion rings. He lapped up the ranch sauce, and might have got some on his nose. We ate at the park, a proper picnic, so he could watch the ducks. I think he got upset about the folks walking by scaring the ducks back into the water. That water was too cold for the birds he said.

After lunch we went and put fuel in the car. Now here was the crisis. Convincing a baby dragon to not spark when they burped while the vehicle was fueling up. It was dangerous. But Munkin was a good baby dragon. He sat in his playpen, and enjoyed himself watching the people. He did ask for a sippy cup full of unleaded, but I didn’t think that would be a good thing. Especially since he is still a baby.

That said, Munkin and I worked on heading to the library after that. Finding a good parking spot was almost impossible. Munkin wanted to go and flame all the other cars that blocked us. I didn’t think it would be a good idea. So, we waited. It’s okay. Now he is sitting by the laptop, and is being a good little dragon.

Please pray for us as we head home. I think Munkin, being of the dragon kind, might want to tackle the school buses as they head back to the garage. I don’t know about this.

Thank you all for going on this flight of fancy with me. Yes, Munkin is a real dragon, a stuffed animal, but in my heart, he is real. -L


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