From the library

Morning all, today the office gets moved, so I’m going to be busy all day. I pre-wrote this for just such an occasion.

I’m settled in at the library today. I’m at a comfortable table, I have my ear buds in, and am listening to a podcast. I’m looking out the window at an amazing tree. Cars are going by across the lawn, and I have the scent of books in my nose.

I’m quietly sitting, the only outside sound being some folks about 50 feet behind me checking out, and the keys on my laptop clicking away. I’m relaxed, down to my toes. This is a cool thing. It’s been a very long time since I have had this level of comfort, and I’m okay with that. I can sit and goof off, play a game on my laptop, or read a magazine. I could even read the local papers, if I wanted to do so. I’m cool with this. All of this. Sighs.

It’s rooms like this one that have helped me find the sense of peace that I can not find anywhere else on the planet. My husband isn’t here to interrupt me, and no one will bother me about anything. I’m cool with that. Even the sound of the telephone ringing in the background is peaceful. I’m where the books are, and I’m happy.

Take care my friends. Hugs, gentle squishy ones. -L


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