Errands day

Settled in with the laptop waiting for my husband.

Morning all, am writing this on the fly from my steering wheel. My husband is in for some testing, and my character defects are lovely this time of year.

The snow is gone from the yards, both front and back. It’s time to bust out the rake, and clean up a little. I’ll get that work done later today, I hope. I also need to organize the car quite a bit. This way I can be sure of what I am donating, what I am keeping, and what needs to be stored.

The garage update to the office is in progress. I’m working on getting the stuff that is in there to the house, and the stuff that is in the house out there. Once I get everything swapped, the moving of the desk and etc… can begin.

The biggest obstacle is the bed. I have one out there that needs to go upstairs. It’s so much in the damned way that I want to scream. I won’t, but it is what it is. Maybe I can move it to the one side for now, so I can get in and out. We will see. Right now, it is blocking the wheelchair ramp.

That’s all for today. I get to take him to have his shots next. I’m also thinking of going rogue and getting a diet dr pepper. We’ll see what happens.

Hugs my friends. -L


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