Garage/office/dungeon chaos

Now is the time for the write up on the garage. This post is 4 years maybe 5 in the making. The move is in progress, work is getting done, and I’m so looking forward to getting in there while my husband sleeps.

Whatever plans we had for moving me out there had to change, adapt, and mostly wait over the winter. The garage had years of boxes and crapola invested inside. While I can’t say it was a hoarder’s paradise, it was getting there.

Here’s the current plan. I have a spare bed, it is going upstairs in the bedroom we have. Also, my husband’s tools are going up there. I will be using most of the garage as a haven for Duke and I. There are 2 rooms in our upstairs, a bedroom and an office.

If we had an elevator, some of the problems we have had would have been solved years ago.

Now, the desk, bookshelves, office stock, filing cablinet and 3 treadle sewing machines are getting moved out to the garage once she is clear. The camping gear will be going in the back of the van.

A couple of things can not go in the upstairs, a mower and a snow thrower. Also chemicals can’t go upstairs. Space will be left for those.

A partial wall will be built, out of bookshelves and a filing cabinet. I have a seating area out there already with my recliner, and it will hopefully be a place to knit and sew. Or, oh my stars, could I read books in the recliner?

A camping bathroom will be also set up. This is because I don’t have time to get to the toilet sometimes. I’m thinking that this will be the biggest game changer. A camping bathroom is just that. A commode, a wash basin, and a water jug with a pump.

Sadly, my coffee station that I had dreamed of, is not meant to be. The reason is that I just don’t have the room. Our garage is a one stall garage. Also, if we had the elevator, it could be a one stall garage, and all of these shenanigans could be just left to the wayside.

However, our house is old, our finances are microscopic, and the money for a dream makeover just isn’t in the cards.

I’m cool with adapting what we have to do what we need in order to get the work done.

Now for the things that matter. Winter in Minnesota is cruel and vicious. We have heaters. We have insulation, and it will be okay. Hugs my friends. I will keep you update on the progress. Take care, -L


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