Sometimes, there are no second chances

Morning all, hope you are well. Am working in the office, and planning for the spring whenever it will finally arrive.

I try to help folk the best I can. The rules of society are constantly changing, and something that was legal last week is now a sin in the eyes of the world and the law. People change, but folks just stay the same.

They also have long memories. Folks certainly do remember the crap we pulled in the past when we were younger and stupid. Thing is, they also have the right to their opinion. We can’t change that. No amount of groveling, amends, or even changing ourselves is going to change that.

Sometimes, it is a situation where you can’t fix stupid. Sometimes it is a situation where nothing you could do in the first place will fix anything. Sometimes, folks just don’t care. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to change how people think or act around you.

I have one of those reputations. I slept with the wrong people. I did the wrong things, said the wrong things, and came to believe the wrong things. There’s nothing I can do to fix the past. People have very long memories. “Isn’t she the one that….” “Oh, I know her, she did…”

There’s no escaping these them and those folks. Even moving doesn’t work. Because there’s always someone who talks or knows someone that knows someone who knows your past.

The thing is, it is the way it is. I’m okay with it. Teaching others that lesson isn’t something that I can do. It’s only learned through experience. It’s only something that life can teach. Why? Because it’s only believed once learned the hard way.

Hugs my friends. I better put the clickety clackety keyboard away for the night. My beloved just went to bed. Take care. -L


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