Sunday Mornings

Morning all, I logged into my computer and social media this morning to realize that it was Palm Sunday. This brings back so many memories from over the years.

There was a feeling that Sunday brought, something special, even the light was different. It was quieter, with less chaos, and certainly less pain brought in. It was not a day set aside as HOLY. It was a day when there just happened to be more peace. Especially on the days when we went to church.

Perhaps this morning reminds me, because the house has that type of feeling again this morning. I pulled up iheart radio on my phone, and am listening to country gospel. That was also a norm on Sundays for years and years.

I can’t say there were less beatings on Sundays, I can’t say that there was less abuse growing up on those particular days. However, on Sundays, those days felt more comfortable, more sacred, and much more peace.

I know that this post is a downer. However growing up the way I did, any day not getting physically hurt was a special day.

Hugs my friends, I’ll be back in the morning with another post. Love you. -L


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