Back to Basics

Morning all, hope you are well. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m finally settled down at the keyboard for the morning. I’ve done all the phone calls, I’ve done my morning check ins, and I’ve started cleaning a little bit.

My younger brother suggested starting taking an iron supplement. I’ve begun, and my brain and body seem to feel a little better today. I’m not going to argue. The biggest crisis I’ve had so far was a bad pain night. I’ll be okay, and have taken my morning pain medications. Medically, I’m going to be okay.

As far as Back To Basics goes, I read something this morning that changed my mind a bit. “When you see a Basic Text falling apart, you find a person who isn’t” was the quote. I like that. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the Basic Text every morning. My books is dog earred for sure. It has many underlines, highlights, and lots of washi tape in it outlining things. It has tabs on the edges like a Bible. Yes, I feel washi tape is a waste for bullet journal or planner uses, it’s not for a Bible or a Basic Text. That’s the disclosure.

Meanwhile, I’m also reading my daily meditations again. NA has come out with a new one, the Spiritual Principle a Day book. I also have my old Just For Today book. So, I’m back in the saddle.

Take care my friends, hugs huge ones. -L


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