Allergy season is here again

Good morning, yes rain snow mix is falling today. I know. However, when I opened the back door to let Duke out, the funk that had melted last night wanted to kill me.

I finally had to grab my Neti pot to settle things down. Yuck. Because our water is pretty foul, I put 2 ounces of listerine in it with the water. Yes, it stings like heck, but so does coughing out the slime for 2 hours in the morning. Gross either way.

My apologies for being 3 hours late with this post. I’ve been lacking in the urge to write anything.

Yesterday I went out to both thrift stores in my town, and the book section didn’t have anything that jumped into my cart. I did score a lovely binder that is also a purse for my planner, and a leather purse for myself.

I prefer larger planners now, a4 size or 8.5 x 11 to approximate for those on different continents. Both sizes are close enough to my planner size that it doesn’t matter.

For tomorrow’s post, which I will write after my 10 am appointment, I will give a run down on the planner.Hugs all, take care. -L


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