I can’t get warm

Good morning, it’s colder than heck right now, and I can’t get warm. Every once in awhile instead of a hot flash, I get the opposite, a cold flash. Nothing I can do to fix it, so I roll with it. Too bad the hot flashes don’t happen in winter, and the cold flashes don’t happen in August.

Other than freezing my tail off, I have a few chores to do today. I want to head to the library for an hour or two. I want to take a load to the Bible Mission. I also want to work on some bookwork and study.

I’m thinking that after lunch I will head out. I have a meeting to plan for, and I want to do my best to help others.

Meanwhile, I’m still freezing. I am thinking of short circuiting my brain and taking a very hot bath. Hugs. -L


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