Wait, what?

Morning, am finally stepping down from the Merry-Go-Round for the morning. I’ve had a cup of coffee, I think. I’ve taken care of my body. I’ve been on the horn way too long.

I need a break. A simple, recharge the batteries break. So, today, I’m scheduling some time to stitch. That’s the one thing about chaos. I enjy coming up with solutions to problems, however, I don’t enjoy it 24/7/365. Maybe that’s a symptom of growth.

Last night, I went to a couple of meetings. I ended up accepting a temp service commitment. This morning, I have done my weekly conference call with my sibling, and have some study to do shortly.

The chaos, adding things to my schedule unexpectedly, happens. How I act or react to it, is on me. So, to recharge, I’m going to stitch. I’m going to the library tomorrow, and I”m going to donate to the local mission.

I feel better about things now. Writing, and reading also help recharge my batteries. Gentle hugs my friends. Take care. -L


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