Scurry Scoo, good morning, I know, I’ve gotta work.

Morning,to the casual observer, I’m a bit bilingual. Duke, and his siblings over the years and I have developed a language that we use to talk to each other.

While I don’t bark or yip, I do snort, snarl and growl quite well. Duke wakes me up with snuggles, and we have long talks while cuddling.

The title of this post is the last thing I said to Duke before writing this morning. Scurry is the same in both languages, Scoo is the short hand for scoot.

Snawgle, well that’s the word we can up with for full body cuddling while I rub his belly.

The rest, well that’s wimpers, grunts and growls.

I need to keep this short. My husband has finally figured out that the piece of crap he bought is only occasionally actually a microwave. The rest of the time it is a thing that sits and collects dust. Sighs. It’s broken again. Take care. -L

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