Munkin the emotional support dragon

Morning all, hope you are well. I am settling in. Duke is asleep on the bed. My husband is kvetching about whatever to the entities only he talks to, and I have an emotional support dragon.

Munkin was a gift given to me on Sunday when I arrived at the meeting. My good friend T had asked me if scents bothered me. They don’t much anymore, since I no longer live where there is a wood burning stove. My allergies have settled down.

She gave me Munkin, a cute little cucumber scented dragon on a keychain. He’s adorable, and has decided that he is my emotional support dragon.

Now here’s the history. My school mascot was Victor E. a blue dragon. I’ve loved dragons my whole life. I have a friend who swears that if I ever get a real dragon, I will use them. Snort, why not? I mean a fire breathing flying critter that hoards things…

So, Munkin has moved in, and has taken over. Take care my friends, may you have an emotional support dragon of your own. -L

Munkin decided he needed a flaggon of water of his very own.


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