Groceries again

Morning all, hope all is well your way. Have already take the first of my medications, and I’m working on the blog while I wait to take the next set.

We are currently under negotiations on the grocery order. This process as I mentioned previously takes days. He requests certain things, and I move heaven and earth to get it done. I have to set the grocery pickup time to a day and time my friend can help me. I have to set the order so that we can afford it.

I’m tired, and frustrated with the whole works. I can’t move heaven and earth today. I just can’t. I’m doing the best I can, but some days it’s just not enough.

I got the car stuck in the driveway the other day before my friend helped me with the driveway. I’m overwhelmed, and Mr Fixit’s idea is that I’m supposed to haul pounds of sand and salt to put under the tires.

If I can’t haul a jug of milk into the house, how the hell am I supposed to do everything else?

Sighs, we’ll get through. I swear. Just right now, I’m overwhelmed. -L


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