Being loud

Morning all, hope you are well. The fellas are being themselves. I’m settled into my routine for the morning.

Last night a friend was willing to come over and help with the driveway. Holy crap. This was HUGE!! We’ve been working with a tiny drive path, and an even smaller haul into the house path. My friend gave me a safer drive path, broke up most of the crud, and even gave me a wheelchair wide walking path on the driveway. It seems like forever since I’ve been able to get through there.

My husband freaked that I’d paid her 60 dollars to do so. The thing is, she helps me to get so much done around here. It wasn’t just paying her for the driveway, it was all of the times she has helped me with the groceries. The times she went with me when I couldn’t physically do the errands. To be honest, it wasn’t enough for what I need help doing.

Her work made it so that for the last few weeks of winter, I can get out of the house to do the things that need to be done. Whether it is only 2 more weeks of snow, or another 4, this helps. It didn’t take her very long, but her body is able to do what mine is not.

So, my husband is giving me hell this morning. I “was too generous”. Mr Entitled can just get over himself. Screw it.

Maybe, someday he will figure it out. Of course, I’m being optimistic. -L

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