So innocent

Morning all, the fellas are sleeping right now. I’m left unsupervised. I know, scary right? Young Master Duke is laying on his back, he’s snorfulling quietly and wiggling his paws. My Husband is laying like a bump on a log. It evens out.

Duke conned me out of one too many treats so far today. I swear that dog lives more on treats than real food. Then again, I relate. If I could get by on snacking all day, I would.

I’ve been forcing myself to get out of the house for a minimum of an hour most days. This is part and parcel of the war on depression. I’ve got plans to take the gear bag and go watch the ice fishing huts sink a little further into the lake later today.

We’ve had some warmer weather, and I enjoy watching the hubris unfold in front of me.

Duke, meanwhile, doesn’t join me for most of these adventures. The biggest problem is that he doesn’t like it when humans approach me at all. He will correct others with toothy enthusiasm when he can. My goal is to make sure that he is safe and happy for the rest of his days.

Meanwhile, he does look so sweet and innocent. I think I’m going to grab a book and lay down next to him for now.

Take care my friends, gentle distance hugs. -L


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