I don’t like small round things. To be honest, they weigh more than paper money, take more time to sort and deal with, and are almost worthless in today’s economy.

For example, the rare times I use paper money, I usually get back 3 or 4 small round things. The reason? Taxes, fees and surcharges added on to my total so that I am spending more than the total listed on the shelf. In the US, the total listed on the shelf is never to the whole dollar amount.

This is a waste, and a ruse to make it harder to know exactly how much my total is until I get to the checkout counter. It’s a pain in the tail. Even when I order online for pickup, the problem is the same. One retailer even charges 12-20 dollars more, hangs on to the overages for 2 weeks, and then refunds my money.

Yet my body can’t handle a full shop. I’m usually iin so much pain by the time I get home that finding the will to live is problematic. The retailer is earning interest on the money that they are holding for those two weeks. They are making more money off of overcharging me for products and services that I need.

Thety claim it is for ‘substitutions’ yet, I specify ‘no substitutions’ on my order. So, either I hire someone to help me shop, costing me more. Or I pay the store more money, in the hopes that I get the money back. The funny part, I’ve gone into the store after a pickup. I didn’t leave the property, to grab something I had on ‘the list’ that I forgot? The substituted item is sitting on the shelf and a name brand item is sitting in my vehicle.

Being of not-sound body is hard enough. There are days I want to scream at these people to at least use KY jelly. Sighs.

Hugs my friends. -L


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