A few things too many

Morning, gentle hugs. Working on getting rid of crap that has made its merry way to my household. How are you doing today? Well, Young Master Duke wants treatos. My Beloved is a few threads short of a shirt, and I’m over the edge right now.

I want winter to end. Here’s why. I’ve got too much crap to purge, and it is hell to get the dumpster to the curb. What do I mean by crap?

Stained, chipped, ripped, or otherwise damaged crap that just needs to go to the dump. This isn’t stuff that needs to go to the goodwill or thrift store. It’s crap. I want it all just gone. I’m frustrated, and very angry about it, and it is causing more stress than solving.

Much of it, I bought new, and it was lovely stuff at one time or another. However, here’s a hint. Thrift stores end up having to toss so much crap, that it is cruel to drop this stuff in their bins. Take sweaters with sweat stains and holes in them. Nobody wants those. They are best either cut up for rags or dumped.

Chipped crochery, plates, and other things just need to go. I’m sick of reaching for a plate and getting cut up trying to deal with it. Medical things are not to be reused. Old decorations that reek of cigarette smoke, and stuff that is too dented or damaged to be used again.

It’s gotta go. It all has to just get out. So, the closer we get to true Spring, where all the white crap melts, yes, the crap is going to be gone. No more of the throw a bag of it in the bin crap. I want to go to the dump with van loads of it.

My husbeast won’t like that idea, because of the cost, but I’m so sick of living the way I do.

Note: Yes, I’ve stopped dumpster diving. Also, I’ve stopped bringing crap into the house. The crap that is there, needs to just go!

I was raised by hoarders. Fighting those tendencies has been a life-long thing. I don’t want to leave my daughters a trash heap. I want them to have a couple of things, but the rest… it can go.

Take care my friends. I will keep you updated. -L