Snow, shower, and coffee

Morning all, we are still under blizzard conditions. What’s fallen is heading in odd directions as it is light enough to just move. It’s like living in a river of snow going sideways. Once in awhile you will get a drift in a bad spot.

Grabbed an energy drink on the way to the necessary. I figured it was kinder to try to wake up before I spoke to others. I also grabbed my smokes. I stopped long enough to let Young Master Duke out, and the went to the needful. Sitting for the first half hour of the day, the energy drink jumpstarted my brain enough.

I was able to jump in the shower before too long, and the hot water made it so that I could at least move some of those joints that are especially rusty. I don’t have Dorothy and her little dog to come by and grab an oil can to work on my rusty joints. I have to rely on a shower.

Next on the list was rolling the day’s smokes, assimilating enough coffee to be coherent, and then calling my cellular peoples. It took two calls to fix an oopsie daisy. The first, to the billing department, and admitting I’d made a right mess of my account. Somehow I ended up with a loyalty credit. The next call was to tech support to do some moving around of things.

The new laptop activated on a new phone line instead of being the upgrade to the old line. Billing gets the first call because I knew I had to admit and confess my sins. Tech support, the angels that they are did the grunt work.

Now for the snow. My beloved Shuggie lump made a path through the multiple feet deep drifts last night.

He’s not supposed to be doing that!

I’m a gonna need to swat his tail, once he recovers from this in a few days. Sighs.

I better go, I have to continue with my morning. Gentle hugs all. Take care. -L