Pre-storm adventures Fat-Tuesday edition

Morning all, soon enough the birds will be singing, the bees will be buzzing, and you will hear lawn mowers mowing.

In the meantime, we are in a blizzard. Snort. To the arsehole that ordered this blizzard, I mean seriously Dude-Dudette… why? That’s another thing.

My Beloved approached me yesterday, with a short note and a debit card. He requested that before the storm got ooky, that I head in and get the needful. Things we can make quick and easy. Things that we can have for the next few days until we can get unburied.

I agreed, got washed up and dressed, I put on my lace up shoes and left. I did warn him that I would be a few hours gone. He asked why. I said, “I need to get out of the house.”

That worried him, and he asked why. I let him know that we live together and are on top of each other 24/7. That that isn’t good for sanity, and that we need to get away from each other for awhile. Okay, he’d been mumbling all morning. I was gonna hurt someone if I had to listen to that for more hours in a row.

So, I left. I snuck into the market. Beans were on the list, as well as potatoes, onions, and other goodies. I snagged what I could reach, but also ended up needing help. One of his favorites is pizza. I sat in front of the freezer looking at the goodies.

My favorite frozen pizza is Roma. His favorite has everything on it.

Whoops! Just a second. Young Master Duke interrupts this post with a request to do the needful. Let me stretch my legs and I will get back to you. My apologies, ended up moving operations to the kitchen. My husband was up all night and wanted to lay down.

Okay, where was I? Oh, the pizza. Now since it was a special request from my husband that I go to the market and not Walmart, I had to work with what this place had in stock. I found the pizza I was looking for, but it was out of reach.

At that moment, I had two choices, increase my pain level (7 by then) stand and grab the pizza or wait for someone. This was the first store of the day. I waited. An elderly fella came down soon after, I begged for his help, and he grabbed them for me.

Thank Goodness! He said, “They don’t make these freezers for you, do they.” I said, no, they don’t really. I got to meet a new friend, and finished our shopping. One employee unloaded my cart. Another rang me up, and a third helped me load the car.

Where were the employees when I needed help? Helping other customers. I’m not the only person who was shopping and it was important.

Smoke break while I sat in the car a minute. I sent my husband a text letting him know I was done at the market. I also let him know my next stop. I went to a general store about a mile out of my way, on purpose.

I was looking to waste time. Now, first of all, I knew that our food wasn’t going to melt. There was snow falling. However, the person I was planning to torment wasn’t working. Drat. I bought a coffee and got my husband’s tobacco.

The cashier and I chatted a bit, and they helped me with the door. I learned his father in law is a wheelchair user. The cashier was worried about me in the snow. Thing is, at that point we hadn’t accumulated much. So I let them know it was good yet.

Now, to bug the last person on the list, with a bonus! I stopped at the local sammy shop. One of my partners in crime works there, and I have a standing invitation to come in and torment them. I greeted the amazing people there, but my VIP wasn’t working.

Drat… so, I ordered some noms. I sat, read social media and relaxed. I thought about breaking out my earbuds, but I thunk better on it. I wasn’t moving in, I was eating a meal. When the line cleared, her boss and I shared the mischief of the day. However the best part comes next.

As I was leaving my bestie and her son showed up. YAY! I wasn’t going to be a pain in the touchus, I asked her son for a hug. This kid is closer to 7ft tall than I will ever be. I got my bonus hug! My friend looked so frazzled, and I gave her a hug too. We made plans for her to stop by after work, and I booked it.

A place of business is not the place to linger and torment too many folks. Her boss is a kind kidling. I don’t want to stomp all over everything for my friend and her son. I got two HUGS out of the deal though. After that I hit the car, and started heading home.

Oops, I missed a phone call, and ended up sitting in the driveway for a bit while I talked with a newer friend. Then, my Beloved had the garage door open for me. The groceries were unloaded, and all was good with the world.

Pizza for fat Tuesday supper, and life is a good thing.

Huge gentle hugs my friends. I wish I could give them to you in person, but you know… I’m a broke old bag. Take care of yourself today. Please, hug something or someone today, even if it is a pillow. Nothing beats a good hug. -L