At peace with change

Morning all, the caveman and the Duke are both behaving. I’m working on the blog, and hoping today to get some other chores done/did.

I remember when I switch from ios devices to android. I also remember the phenomenal amount of bitching I did. I remember when I bought the first android tablet. I also remember the amount of bitching that brought on.

Then I also remember the whining that windows brought with every major update. And, I remember the whining I did when the old laptop was no longer updateable to windows 11. Here, I sit at a device that I’m now comfortable with. I’m still working out the kinks on the beastie.

I just figured out where the apps are. I just found this, that and the next thing. Crap this thing has gaming potential. Ooh, everything is in the cloud, something I fought to do over the last how many months or years?

So, it’s different. I confess, I don’t like things to change. I don’t like upgrades decided on by others. I’m a control freak, and a perfectionist. I freaking need to get rid of those character defects. They get in the road.

So, becoming ‘At peace with change” is something I need to focus on. “When I focus on the problem, the problem increases, when I focus on the solution…” Yep, This year, I wanted to focus on character assets, however I also need to root out those freaking character defects.

Sighs. Can I curl up in a ball and whine some more? Probably not, would need some burly firefighters to unwind my body and put me back in the chair.

Wait a minute!

Have a good one my friends. Take care please. -L