The comeapart

Morning, I’m avoiding real work again today, so I thought I’d drop a line in here to whine.

Podcasts, are my bread and butter. I will take a podcast over cheesecake most days. Okay, I love cheesecake, but podcasts are free.

Here’s the situation. I have a spotify, a google podcasts, an iheart, and even a freaking apple account from ages ago. Heck I’m sure that there is a Amazon music account in the mix. I was working on consolidating my podcasts this morning.

I prefer spotify, as it also includes music. However, stop the presses…. not all podcasts that I dearly love are available on spotify. FFS! Okay, I go back to google podcasts. Same problem. I heart? You guessed it. Screw the bad fruit devices, I can’t afford to get one to listen to the first podcast app if it still even exists.

So, I have to curate my podcast listening. To have as many as possible on the meat and potatoes app. Then swing on over to another for this one as a snack. Then the third for dessert. Sighs. This reminds me so much of farmer TV.

What is farmer TV? Welp, back when I was little, TV was free, and available over the air. We had 4 channels. ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. That was it. If you wanted to watch something else, you had to get up, walk over to the television, and flip the channel. I call it farmer TV because on certain days, NBC just didn’t come in. There was no signal.

Other times, the president was on, and the bugger was on all the channels. Sighs.

Dealing with programming my apps to do what I need them to do, reminded me of my childhood today. I suppose, I better get back to work. Not on the podcasts apps. but on the work I have been avoiding all morning. Gentle hugs, take care. -L