Some days

Morning all, am settling in in the living room dungeon for the day. It’s too cold to work in the garage dungeon today. Young Master Duke seems to think that my breakfast is his’n. My husband is being a man, and I’m taking a break from paperwork.

Duke decided to wrap himself up outside on an obstacle. It’s his bid for freedom. He seems to think that if he gets loose the world will be a better place. Sighs. Trying to not ice skate to get to him before he was stupid was fun. The good, I got the boy loose. The bad? It was a close thing. The ugly… I am not built to do that anymore.

There is a thing as eating too much chili. I mean the soup/stew food stuff. I’ve been crop dusting the whole house, and it is a brutal thing. It is a good thing that I don’t have to leave the house for a couple of days. While the phrase “this too shall pass” is a thing, in the meantime it is a punishment. Yet, if there was more chili in the fridge, I’d eat it cold. Man, I love that stuff.

I found the mouse! I’ve been missing my computer mouse for quite some time. I’ve been mourning it’s loss. However, I ended up finding the thing while sitting in my office today. Woot woot! Now I can use my laptop external keyboard, as the dinglehafus for that is the same. Now where the heck did I leave That thing?

Can I just whack myself upside the head?

EDC update: I wear a fanny pack. I was going to get another one to help with the wheelchair EDC purposes. However, I found the fanny pack today. It works exceptionally well. I can have my stitchery, the needfuls, and such. This is for at home use, and I’m grateful. The wheelchair isn’t as easy as it could be to work inside the house. Most of the time at home, I use a rolling chair, a walker or a couple of canes to get by. My bigger EDC bags work great for leaving the house, yes.

However, for sitting at home, I need something that works well. So, an old fanny pack for the win. Even my PPE works in the fanny pack. That said, small wins.

Reinventing the wheel… I am working on a crochet shawl pattern. Yes, it is the same as most triangle shawls, however, it is a granny square version. This one is half granny square. The increases are done at the base of the triangle, and done at the sides of the triangle. I’m not planning to publish, because I’m sure that Ravelry has a thousand of them available. This one uses scrap yarn. If I am able to finish the beast, it will end up with one of my daughters.

Meanwhile, I have to get back to work. The deep audit won’t resolve itself. Hugs, gentle ones my friends. I will be back in the morning with more chaos. Take care please. -L