Here we go again

“2nd verse same as the first” -Patrick Swayze as Sam in Ghost

Morning all, hot cuppa to my right, ashtray to my left. Rob Zombie crooning in my ears. Another laptop day here at Anonymous Knitter land. Living Dead Girl is hypnotic. Though I like Dragula better.

Yes, heavy metal is new in my playlists, however some computer work needs something a little more spicy than the Petshop Boys or Simon and Garfukle. Certain laptop work needs it cranked at top volume and some serious alone time. It also requires 2-3 monsters. As I want my heart to not have to work harder than normal, I’m going to stick to coffee, a mid-level volume and Rob Zombie.

I’m sorting buttons today so to speak. I’m doing an overhaul on an archive, and looking at specific files. I need to compile a few things for an audit report. The best way to do this is to use the files I have, and the notes I took. We’ll get ’em done. That said, I might switch to caramel vanilla mochachino. We will see.

That’s about it for today, I’m going to put the phone on do not disturb, and get back to work. Gentle hugs. -L