I don’t wanna

Morning all, It’s a lovely day so far today. I hope all is well with you and yours. The fellas are behaving here, so I’m working with what I have.

Today is a computer day. This means that I probably will be doing every chore on the planet rather than the work I have to get done. Chuckle, I’ll probably even knock out many blog posts in order to procrastinate the work I need to get done/did.

Actually, I probably will end up getting the office cleaned rather than do computer happy crappy. I know, pit one evil thing versus another. I don’t want to clean the office, I don’t wanna do the computer work, I don’t wanna!

Yes, at the ripe old age of 50, I still throw tantrums, wouldn’t you? Snort. This is reality. I don’t wanna do the icky tedious crap. Yet, over the years, I don’t remember every dish I have ever washed. I don’t remember every row I’ve weeded int he garden.

I don’t remember most of the tedious work, I know I did plenty of it. I just don’t remember specifics. So, what’s stopping me from doing the needful? Right now, I wanna play!

I better quit whining, hit the necessary, and get to work. Hugs. -L