Duke stole my back scratcher…

Morning all, Young Master Duke an I are at loggerheads. He has stolen the sacred back scratcher, and now is mad at me.

I once bought a back scratcher, as my body got old enough that scratching doesn’t work the old fashioned way. Welp, one day, Duke saw me scratching my back, and realized what was going on.

He made the decision at that point that his back itched too. So, I scritched his back with it. That was a MISTAKE. Now, every time I need a scratch, I have to make sure he is outside in order to get a good scratch in.

Welp, tonight, I was talking on the phone with someone and realized that I itched. So, not thinking, I scratched my back. Duke got up, and headed right over to me. Now, My back still itches, and he is mad because I started typing instead of scritching for him.

I can’t win for losing. Sighs… The world is coming to an end. -L