Rainbow glitter unicorn sippy cup for the win!

Hello all, hope your day is better than you expected. Gentle squishy hugs.

On Thursday I ended up having a girl’s day out with a friend. We tried to get to a city about 60 miles away but the gods of the weather decided that we weren’t going to make it. So we went with what happened next.

First we stopped at a dollar store. There were many tempting options. Very tempting options were to be had. However, I balanced the options versus the chaos that I have planned for the month. Out of the treasures available, I finally decided on a sparkly unicorn glittery sippy cup for my enjoyment.

It’s currently filled with water and at my side. I am enjoying this treasure, and have increased my wataer intake to make my life better. A child of the early 1970’s rainbows and unicorns make me happy. Having a glittery sippy cup makes me happy.

Glittery sippy cups are the bomb.

That said, I will be dealing with the repercussions of yesterday later. Hugs my friends. I will bug you again soon. -L