Weird ideas

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is laying in bed, eyeballing me the giver of treats, and flashing those pretty brown eyes. I have caved already, don’t worry. My beloved is in the dining room, and his job today is to be my beloved. That’s it.

I’m sore and tired yet. Pain levels suck, but I deserve this pain. I went dumpster diving in -3 F temps last night. I’m naughty, and silly. I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I still had. I guess dangling from the edge of a dumpster will do that to a person.

Meanwhile, last night I dug out one of those pump thermos things. I’d been given it as a gift. Holy crap it works! I tempered it a little with warm then hot sink water so I wouldn’t shock the glass. Then boiling water went in. Perfect for tea, cappucino mixes and instant hot beverages.

Now, it is heat water for the day once, stick it in there, and get on with the day. I’m a happy little clam in mud.

Next weird thing. Our main protein is now turkey. We buy them whole. They are cheaper per pound than other meats. Poultry doesn’t hurt my abdominal tract like beef. So, we roast the thing, then when it has cooled off after supper, we package it off the bone in sandwich bags and freeze again. Simple meals now take minutes compared.

My favorite is turkey gravy S.O.S..

Years ago, I teased my sister. Well, I do that on the regular. However, I teased her into gifting me a toilet paper roll holder stand. I use the thing when I knit. I wind the yarn on a toilet paper cardboard. As I knit or crochet, it unwinds at my side, without chasing yarn balls half way through a dog fur covered floor.

Extra balls of yarn go down the upright, and it works the same with paper towel tubes, I just put them on the upright part.

Headphones. I use many versions of headphones. I buy them cheap, and wear them out. It’s a part and parcel of daily living. I have ones for the feeble laptop unit. I have ones for the large tablet, and I have ones for the phone.

My favorites are over the ears and I can sleep in them. So, at night, I use those and listen to neurospicy music while I sleep. Then when I wake up, I throw those on the charger, and switch to another set. Once those signal me that they are done, I switch to another set. I get 24 hour coverage this way. I lable the charging case for ones I have twins of.

That said, I have tinnitis. It sucks big time. So the headphones, earbuds with behind the ear things and other mayhem help dramatically.

Okay, last evil weird idea. This website has been the indirect cause of it. Every day, to fight the depression. I reach out to several others. It’s over 20 people. I send a short message. This is to let them know that the board is all green. That I’m alive, and that I care.

The reason for this is that the depression has been quite evil this particular winter. I have had practice in bugging all of you for quite awhile. I realized that I needed personal connection to others on the daily. So, I started a daily torment list.

It has helped in leaps and bounds. I’m happier, my Shuggie lump is happier, and I’m getting better slowly.

That’s about it for today. Take care my friends. Huge gentle distance hugs! -L


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