New Quilt out of old sleeping bags

Morning all, hope you are well. The boys are being. I’m okay. It’s still pain level warp factor 8, but I have some progress.

In October of 21, I went camping near my home town. I loved that camping trip, and have very fond memories of it. Those sleeping bags I bought though are really tattered and starting to fall apart. It’s time to fix/upgrade them.

Here’s the plan. I have a quilt top I’m working on. Yep, quietly, silently unblogged in the background, I’ve been working on a quilt top. Chuckle, I do have my secrets. Now is the time to upgrade those poor wee beasties to a quilt.

I’m going to use sheets as the quilt backing and use the topper of course. I also plan to layer them with a couple of thrift store blankets that I have acquired instead of the traditional filler. This means that they will be ultra thick. the zippers have long since fallen off.

So, with new backs, new fronts. Extra blankets for thickness, that’s my summer project this year. I do have to use the treadles for the quilting process itself. I have work to do, of course. However, as I get the move done to the garage, I will have room to work on these things.

I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and once the treadles are in the garage, the mister can’t kvetch about the sounds the machines make. Snort! Hmm, would it be entirely out of line if I somehow stopped wearing headphones in the garage to give my ears a rest? Would it be out of line to crank ac/dc while I quilt?

Have a good one, hugs my friends. -L